Our Esteemed Service

Below are a list of Richard Walker’s policies around Customer Service that we believe set the standard for the best gourmet breakfast experience in the world.

  1. Sudden Service – A genuine, friendly greeting within seconds of arrival will put you at ease. “We welcome our guests at the door with a smile and offer a menu immediately.”

  2. Prompt Response – As guests are being seated we provide water almost immediately and ask if they wish to have coffee or one of our fresh squeezed juices. “One minute after being seated, something should be presented to our guest.”

  3. Greeting by Server – “Welcome to Richard Walker’s, I am ________, your server.” This statement is made within 1 minute of the “fanny hitting the fabric”. We want to acknowledge our guests and then allow them time to situate, let them know we will be right back to answer questions or take orders.

  4. Helpful Recommendations – Guests who are new to the restaurant or just want to try something new may ask the server for a suggestion. We offer “Specialties of the House” instead of giving the individual server’s favorites. About three menu items are offered. Then the server will pause for questions or comments.

  5. Specialties of the House – Everyone wants to know what is unique about Richard Walker’s Pancake House. Servers are trained to advise guests that the made-from-scratch Baked Pancakes take some extra time to prepare. “We are known for Thick-sliced bacon, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Fresh Whipping Cream for Coffee…” We let the customer explore the menu with some guidance if needed.

  6. Fresh Coffee Every Cup – A staple of breakfast and lunch establishments is coffee. Richard Walker’s Pancake House serves their own unique blend of coffee which is ground fresh for each pot. Each cup of coffee is only minutes from the roasted coffee bean. And, we are one of only a very few restaurants serving whipping cream with our coffee.

  7. Service – Staff are trained to speak clearly and at an even pace. Each order is to be repeated back to the customer to catch any mistakes.

  8. Speed – Orders are to be put into the kitchen immediately after they are written to ensure swift turnaround. We want the food delivered as promptly as possible.

  9. Honesty – Excuses negatively impact the whole organization. If a mistake is made, the server is trained to give a sincere apology to the customer and try to provide satisfaction.

  10. Presentation – Once food is ready, servers should review the presentation to be sure to create the “Ahhhh” factor. Guests feel special when servers “present” the plate to the table. Checking for condiments or other needs before leaving the area, the servers will come back in 2 minutes. Not intrusive, the server may just catch the eye of the guest attentively.

  11. Interval Visits – Servers will pass by about every four minutes with an eye on the customer. The goal is to be available but not interrupt the guests.

  12. Progressive Attention – Tables will be surveyed for refills needed on water or coffee. Staff members beyond just your server are trained to help fill the gaps. Our policy is, “We try to offer refills before the cup is ½ empty.”

  13. Cell phones – When a customer is on his or her cell phone, they may still wish to place their order. Servers are encouraged to approach the table and be available if the customer wishes to place their order before continuing their call. Gentle eye contact is the key.

  14. Taking Plates – There is an art to plate removal at Richard Walker’s Pancake House. Servers ask, “Are you finished? May I take your plate?” Plate removal is to be done in slow motion so the customer doesn’t feel rushed. We want them to feel like we are saying, “Take your time”.

  15. Powerful Parting – “Thank you for coming to Richard Walker’s, have a nice day!” Every employee has the power to make someone’s day by giving good service. All are told to greet and send-off guests with a smile and a genuine wish for a pleasant day.